The supply chain situation has made production and logistics around shipping more complicated this year, which means you should shop as early as possible for this holiday season.

The good news is that we are ready! Our shop is open and most of our holiday items are available for purchase. However, to have the best shot at getting your order before the magic night, we strongly suggest you place your order before December 12—but the sooner, the better!

A more few things to consider

  • When you place an order, products may be shipped from different places, which means you may receive multiple packages and not all in one single delivery. We’ll do our best to speed up the process, when in our power, and keep you informed as your order moves along.
  • If you’re ordering in December, upgraded shipping is recommended.
  • Sign up for our emails, and you’ll be kept up to date on any restocks or important launches so you don’t miss them (we expect popular items to sell out quickly this year).

Shop for the Holidays